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What Sorts Of Bearing Are Available?

Why is it important?

The most typical cause for HV wear is wear brought on by rotating parts. Some of the most common forms of put on are put on that is caused by the rotation of the shaft and the rotation around a middle bearing or a rotary shaft, put on that outcomes from the rotation and put on caused because of the rotating components or the rotating shaft and its bearing.

What are you on the lookout for?

If the wear occurs attributable to rotating components, what are probably the most applicable put on varieties?

HV-10, Hv-20 and Hv40 are the varieties of worn bearings used. These embrace those that are most common.

HVs, 20, 40 and 60 are the type which can be worn because they are used for rotating and/or bearing. These are widespread bearings for HVs.

There isn’t a known industry standard for the type and number of put on.

The next is the list of the types and put on types that are commonly utilized in HV bearings.


No wear

No use


Grain wear

Progress put on

Acoustic put on

Hed put on

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